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IGR J17498-2921: improved Swift/XRT position

ATel #3558; E. Bozzo (ISDC, Switzerland), A. Beardmore (Univ. Leicester, UK), A. Papitto (Univ. Cagliari, Italy), C. Ferrigno, L. Gibaud (ISDC, Switzerland)
on 14 Aug 2011; 12:21 UT
Credential Certification: E. Bozzo (enrico.bozzo@unige.ch)

Subjects: X-ray, Gamma Ray, Binary, Neutron Star, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 3559, 3560, 3561, 3563, 3568, 3601, 3606, 3622, 3643, 3646

The new INTEGRAL hard X-ray transient IGR J17498-2921 (Atel #3551, #3555, #3556), is now being monitored daily with Swift/XRT.

Using together the two already performed XRT observations 00032070001 and 00032070002 in PC mode (total exposure time 6.9 ks) and the correspondingly available 5 UVOT images, we propose an astrometrically-corrected X-ray position of: RA, Dec = 267.48054, -29.32238 which is equivalent to: RA (J2000): 17 49 55.33 Dec (J2000): -29 19 20.6. The 90% c.l. confinement radius is 1.9 arcsec. (We have used the XRT-UVOT alignment and matching UVOT field sources to the USNO-B1 catalogue, see http://www.swift.ac.uk/user_objects and Evans et al. 2009, MNRAS, 397, 1177).

In the observation 00032070002 the source showed an increase in the X-ray flux from ~2E-10 erg/cm2/s to ~3E-10 erg/cm2/s (2-10 keV, not corrected for absorption).

We thanks the Swift team for the rapid scheduling of the follow-up program on IGR J17498-2921.