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N Lup 2011

ATel #3536; Stony Brook University
on 9 Aug 2011; 12:11 UT
Credential Certification: Fred Walter (fwalter@mail.astro.sunysb.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Nova

A spectrum obtained at 0:19 UT on 2011 9 August with the SMARTS 1.5m RC spectrograph at Cerro Tololo confirms that the eruptive object in Lupus (AAVSO special notice 247; vsnet-alert 13560; 13569) is an Fe II nova near maximum. The spectrum (3700-5400A at 4.1 A resolution) shows the Balmer lines of hydrogen (H-beta through H-10), and Fe II multiplet 42, in emission with P Cygni absorption components at a velocity of about -1000 km/s. The equivalent width of H-beta is about -130 A.