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Harvard 16-inch Clay Telescope observations of SNe 2010jl and 2011B

ATel #3395; Alicia Soderberg, Maxwell Moe, Marta Bryan, Austin Donisan, Dillon Foight, William Hawley, Christopher Jensen, Ethan Kruse, Camille Leibler, Samuel Meyer, Dominic Pesce, Thomas Rice, and Duncan Watts (Harvard University)
on 1 Jun 2011; 19:15 UT
Credential Certification: Alicia M. Soderberg (asoderberg@cfa.harvard.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

We used the Harvard University 16-inch Clay Telescope on 2011 February 22 and March 1 to observe the nearby Type IIn SN 2010jl (CBET #2532, CBET #2536) and Type Ia SN 2011B (CBET #2625) in the V-band. Both SNe are clearly detected in our images and we report median combined magnitudes of V=14.4 +- 0.2 mag and V=14.8 +- 0.2 mag for SNe 2010jl and 2011B, respectively. Adopting a distance modulus of (m-M)~33.45 mag for UGC 5189, the host galaxy of SN 2010jl, we estimate that the absolute magnitude of the SN is V ~ -19.0 at roughly 4 months after initial discovery (Stoll et al., ApJ, 730, 31 (2011)). In comparison to the absolute magnitude light-curve of the Type IIn SN 2006gy (Smith et al., ApJ, 666, 1116 (2007)) at a comparable epoch, SN 2010jl is roughly a magnitude fainter. We thank Allyson Bieryla for assistance with these observations.