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INTEGRAL observations of 3C 454.3 following the gamma-ray outburst

ATel #3055; E. Pian (INAF-OA Trieste & SNS Pisa), A. Bazzano (INAF/IASF-Rm), M. Tuerler, C. Ferrigno, A. Frankowski, R. Walter (ISDC - University of Geneva), V. Bianchin (INAF/IASF-Bo), P. Ubertini (INAF/IASF-Rm), S. Vercellone, F. D'Ammando (INAF/IASF-Pa), D. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), on behalf of a larger collaboration
on 25 Nov 2010; 05:56 UT
Credential Certification: Filippo D'Ammando (filippo.dammando@iasf-roma.inaf.it)

Subjects: X-ray, Gamma Ray, AGN, Blazar, Quasar

Following the exceptional gamma-ray activity from the FSRQ 3C 454.3 (reported in the ATels #3034, #3041, and #3043), we have activated follow-up observations with the INTEGRAL satellite.

INTEGRAL has been pointing the source from 21 Nov, 2010, 16:45 UT to 24 Nov, 2010, 04:30 UT (Rev. 990), and has thus monitored the declining phase of the outburst (as observed by AGILE-GRID, ATel #3049). The average flux detected by IBIS/ISGRI in the range 20-100 keV is 2.2e-10 erg/s/cm2, similar to that observed in May 2005 (Pian et al. 2005, A&A, 449, L21), and is slowly declining along the observation.

INTEGRAL will continue to monitor the source until 27 Nov, 2010.