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MAXI/GSC detects an X-ray transient MAXI J1409-619

ATel #2959; K. Yamaoka, S. Nakahira (AGU), H. Negoro (Nihon U.), N. Kawai (Tokyo Tech), A. Uzawa, K. Yamazaki, T. Matsumura, Y. Tsuboi (Chuo U.), K. Kawasaki, S. Ueno, H. Tomida, M. Kohama, M. Ishikawa (JAXA), T. Mihara, M. Sugizaki, M. Serino, Y. E. Nakagawa, T. Yamamoto, T. Sootome, M. Matsuoka (RIKEN), M. Morii, K. Sugimori, R. Usui (Tokyo Tech), A. Yoshida (AGU), H. Tsunemi, M. Kimura (Osaka U.), M. Nakajima, H. Ozawa, F. Suwa (Nihon U.), Y. Ueda, N. Isobe, S. Eguchi, K. Hiroi (Kyoto U.), A. Daikyuji (Miyazaki U.), report on behalf of the MAXI team
on 20 Oct 2010; 11:06 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Request For Observations
Credential Certification: Kazutaka Yamaoka (yamaoka@phys.aoyama.ac.jp)

Subjects: X-ray, Request for Observations, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 2962, 2965, 2969, 3060, 3067, 3082

The MAXI/GSC has detected a faint X-ray transient source at a position:

(R.A., Dec) = (212.26, -61.95) = (14h09m02s.4, -61d57m00s.0) (J2000)

with a statistical error of about 0.2 degrees. The systematic error is smaller because the position is calibrated using nearby bright sources 4U 1323-60 and 4U 1254-69. The 4-10 keV flux reached a peak at 41 +/- 7 mCrab on October 17, then decreased to 29 +/- 7 mCrab on October 18.

We note that this position is marginally consistent with that of a RASS source:

1RXS J141108.2-615601 (R.A., Dec) = (212.79, -61.93) = (14h11h08s.7, -61d55m47s.0) (J2000),

which has been identified to a bright dMe star (Torres et al. 2006, A&A, 460, 695, Riaz, Gizis, and Harvin, 2006, AJ, 132, 866).

Follow-up observations of this MAXI source are encouraged. The MAXI/GSC will continue to monitor the same sky region every day. The MAXI/GSC light curve and image are available at the following URL: http://maxi.riken.jp/news/en/