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MERLIN radio observations of two recent supernovae in Arp299: SN2010O & SN2010P

ATel #2432; Beswick R. J., (JBCA, Manchester, UK), Perez-Torres, M. A., (IAA, Spain), Mattila, S. (University of Turku, Finland), Garrington, S. T. (JBCA, Manchester, UK), Kankare, E. (University of Turku, Finland), Ryder, S. (AAO, Austrlia), Alberdi, A. (IAA, Spain), & Romero-Canizales, C. (IAA, Spain)
on 11 Feb 2010; 12:28 UT
Credential Certification: Rob Beswick (Robert.Beswick@manchester.ac.uk)

Subjects: Radio, Supernova Remnant, Supernovae

We report MERLIN radio observations of the two recent supernovae in Arp299; SN2010P and SN2010O (CBET #2145 and CBET #2144, respectively). Observations of Arp299 were made between 1900UT 29th Jan 2010 and 0150UT 1st Feb 2010 at 4994MHz. The previously known compact radio structure of Arp299, including the nuclear starburst components associated with A=IC694 and B1=the southernmost nucleus of NGC3690 are detected (Neff, Ulvestad & Teng 2004, ApJ, 611, 186; Ulvestad 2009 AJ, 138, 152; Perez-Torres et al 2009, A&A 507, 17). However no new radio sources were detected above 186 microJy/beam (3-sigma) within an area of radius 10 arcsec centred upon the reported optical positions of these new two supernovae. Further radio monitoring observations of these two young supernovae are encouraged.