The blazar OJ 49 in a high optical state.

ATel #13322; V. M. Larionov, T. S. Grishina, A. A. Nikiforova, A. A. Vasilyev (St. Petersburg University)
on 1 Dec 2019; 12:42 UT
Credential Certification: V. Larionov (

Subjects: AGN, Blazar, Quasar

We perform optical photometric and polarimetric monitoring of a sample of gamma-bright blazars using 0.4-m LX-200 telescope (St.Petersburg) and 0.7-m AZT-8 telescope (Crimean Astrophysical Observatory), within the frames of GASP/WEBT project. We report that the blazar OJ 49=PKS 0829+046 (z=0.173), reached R=14.37 in the night of 2019 November 30, TJD 58818.65, after a month of rather high optical state R<15.5. These values may be compared with the quiescence state 17-16 mag. R band light curve for OJ 49 can be seen on our web-page. The polarization degree during last month varies between 3 and 15%. Current high activity state of this blazar deserves close attention in all wavelengths.