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PNV J05145365-7009486 is a He-N Nova in the LMC

ATel #13287; Frederick M Walter (Stony Brook University)
on 12 Nov 2019; 16:42 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Novae
Credential Certification: Fred Walter (frederick.walter@stonybrook.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Nova

Referred to by ATel #: 13288, 13289

PNV J05145365-7009486, reported by Patrick Schmeer in vsnet-alert 23706, was discovered by the BraTS transient search on UT 2019 Nov. 11.2263 at magnitude 12.

I obtained a spectrum with the Chiron high resolution spectrograph on the SMARTS/CTIO 1.5m telescope at UT 2019 Nov. 12.27. The spectrum is a 600 second integration at R=27,800 covering the 4080 - 8900A region. I confirm that this is a nova in the LMC: interstellar sodium D lines are seen at both at rest and at the +278 km/s velocity of the LMC.

The nova appears to be of He-N spectra type. H-alpha and H-beta are strongly in emission, with equivalent widths of -690 and -140 Angstroms, respectively. The FWZI of H-alpha exceeds 8500 km/s. There appear to be structured P Cyg absorption features extending to -4300 km/s at H-beta, -4000 km/s at He I 5876, and -3100 km/s at O I 7774, Broad emission from He I 7065, O I 8446, and possibly N II 5679 are evident. The continuum is underexposed, especially in the blue.

He II 4686 is not evident, likely because the nova is still young.