NIR observations of ASAS SN2018gq

ATel #11532; Juan C. Beamin (Universidad de Valparaiso), Mariusz Gromadzki (Warsaw Observatory)
on 12 Apr 2018; 18:34 UT
Credential Certification: Juan Carlos Beamin (

Subjects: Infra-Red, Transient, Variables

We report Near IR follow up for the transient ASAS SN2018gq (Atels #11500, #11501,#11509 #11518). We obtained a NIR spectrum from 0.85-2.4 microns with the Arcoriris instrument at the 4m Blanco Telescope in cerro Tololo, Chile, on the night 2018-04-04 at 08:59:21 UT. The total integration was 20 minutes, and the telluric correction was performed with HD119430 A0V star. The spectrum show only continuum i.e. featureless in agreement with the ePESSTO team observations in the optical taken 2 nights later ( ) The NIR spectrum is available at (fits file) Figures of the NIR spectrum and the combined spectrum with the ePESSTO+Arcoiris (from 0.364-2.39 microns) are available at , the black solid line shows the spectrum, and the blue line is the error, the region of strong absorption from atmospheric water bands are highlighted in grey. In the combined plot, the ePESSTO spectrum was multiplied by a factor 1.2 to match the NIR observed spectrum. J.C.B. acknowledge financial support from CONICYT, FONDECYT Postdoctoral Fellowship #3180716