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Finding X-ray counterparts for unidentified sources in the 105 months BAT survey - 1

ATel #11340; Stephen. J.B., Bassani L., Malizia A., Masetti N. (INAF-OAS Bologna), P. Ubertini (INAF-IAPS Roma)
on 23 Feb 2018; 15:04 UT
Credential Certification: Angela Malizia (malizia@iasfbo.inaf.it)

Subjects: X-ray, Gamma Ray, AGN

Referred to by ATel #: 11341

We provide X-ray counterparts for the unidentified Swift/BAT sources listed in the 105 month catalogue (Oh et al. 2018, ApJS in press). These associations were found by cross-correlating the list of U1,U2 and U3 sources with the ROSAT Bright (RASSBSC, Voges et al. 1999, A&A, 349, 389) and the XMM-Newton Slew (XMMSlew, Saxton et al. 2008, A&A, 480, 611) catalogues. Using the method developed by Stephen et al. (2005, A&A, 432, L49), we find a strong correlation with 26 (RASSBSC, R in table) and 11 associations (XMMSlew, X) respectively with around one of these expected by chance alignment. Considering only U1 and U2 sources, we find 9 associations which are listed below where for each BAT source we report position and relative error of the X-ray counterpart, its distance from the BAT source position compared to the BAT 90% error radius, the catalogue used and information (redshift and class) on the optical counterpart. Optical identifications were found using the RASSBSC positional and the XMMSlew astrometric uncertainties. In 3 cases the X-ray counterpart is outside the 90% BAT error circle but inside the 99% positional uncertainty. We also retrieved and analysed the 6dFGS spectrum of 6dFGS J210322.1-214756 and 6dFGS J134043.6-281105 as well as the LAMOST spectrum of SWIFTJ0156.1+4463 but only in the last two cases were we able to classify the objects.
SWIFTJ0628.7-8346 is likely an AGN because its WISE colours are typical of this class.

Swift Name RA (J2000)Dec (J2000)Errdist/BAT errCATCounterpartz/class
J0156.1+446301 56 22.00+44 42 30.510"5.3'/5.7'R/U12MASX J01562185+44423270.017/XBONG
J1107.8+710711 07 48.80+71 05 38.510"1.5'/5.7'R/U12MASX J11074777+71053260.060/AGN
J1118.0+479411 19 15.90+47 51 11.510"6.0'/5.3'R/U12MASX J11074777+71053260.060/Sey1
J1340.9-280813 40 44.00-28 11 09.021"4.9'/5.2'R/U16dFGS J134043.6-2811050.215/AGN
J1503.7+685015 04 13.10+68 56 10.5 7"6.3'/5.7'R/U12MASS J15041280+68561290.318/Sey1
J1641.4-201016 41 22.30-20 00 33.010"5.9'/4.9'R/U12MASS J16412251-20003370.058/AGN
J2103.3-214421 03 22.21-21 47 43.010"4.0'/5.5'R/U16dFGS J210322.1-2147560.289/Sey2
J0628.7-834606 29 53.66-83 44 20.7 8"2.3'/5.5'X/U22MASS J06294867-8344217-/AGN cand
J1809.6-458518 09 57.98-45 52 44.3 8"3.5'/5.6'X/U1ICRF J180957.8-45524100.070/BL Lac