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X-ray and UV observations of Nova Mus 2018 with Swift

ATel #11220; Thomas Nelson (U. Pittsburgh), Koji Mukai (NASA/GSFC & UMBC), Laura Chomiuk, Kwan-Kok Li, Adam Kawash (MSU), J. L. Sokoloski (Columbia), Michael Rupen (Herzberg Astrophysics), Justin Linford (GWU), Amy Mioduszewski (NRAO)
on 24 Jan 2018; 15:43 UT
Credential Certification: Thomas Nelson (tjnelson@pitt.edu)

Subjects: Ultra-Violet, X-ray, Nova

Referred to by ATel #: 11298

We observed Nova Mus 2018 (PNV J11261220-6531086) with the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory on 2018 January 21, 18 days after the initial rapid rise to V=8.8 on 2018 January 3.24 (see link below for more details). Due to the optical brightness of the nova, the XRT instrument was operated in Windowed Timing mode. The net exposure time was 1465s, during which the nova was not detected. The 3-sigma upper limit on the 0.3-10 keV count rate is 0.025 cts/s.

A UV image of the nova was also obtained with the UVOT instrument in the UVM2 filter (central wavelength 224.6nm). Nova Mus 2018 is saturated in the 659s exposure, indicating m_uvm2 < 10.42 mags.

Additional Swift monitoring of this nova will take place with weekly cadence over the next two months.

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