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3C 279: Multi-color photometric observations with SARA-KPNO

ATel #11202; A. Kaur, V. S. Paliya, M. Ajello, D. H. Hartmann (Clemson University)
on 19 Jan 2018; 16:43 UT
Credential Certification: Amanpreet Kaur (akaur@g.clemson.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Blazar

Referred to by ATel #: 11216, 11239, 11246

We report the optical photometric observations of the recent flaring state of 3C 279 (see ATels #11189, #11190, #11196), a flat-spectrum radio quasar with RA and Dec 12:56:11.67 and -05:47:21.52 in J2000.0, respectively. The data were obtained on 2018 Jan 19.45 with the 0.96 m SARA telescope equipped with ARC CCD camera(Keel et al. 2017), located at the Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona. The derived magnitudes in B, V, R and I were calibrated with the standard stars in the field of this object. The exposure time for each observation was 120 sec per filter. Follow up multiwavelength observations are encouraged for this source.

Filter Magnitude
B 14.98± 0.02
V 14.44± 0.02
R 13.94± 0.01
I 13.52± 0.01