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Continuing spectroscopic monitoring of Nova Sct 2017 = ASASSN-17hx

ATel #10558; Paolo Berardi, Woody Sims, and Umberto Sollecchia (ARAS Group)
on 6 Jul 2017; 02:40 UT
Credential Certification: S. N. Shore (shore@df.unipi.it)

Subjects: Nova

Referred to by ATel #: 10572, 10613, 10636, 10641, 10725, 10737

We report the results of low resolution spectroscopy of the classical nova Sct 2017 = ASASSN-17hx (Atel# 10523, #10524, #10527) as part of the continuing nova monitoring program by members of the ARAS group. Spectra were obtained on 2017 Jun 29.8, Jun 30.3, Jul 1.9, Jul 2.3, Jul 4.3, and Jul. 4.8 with resolutions ranging from about 580 to 2650, depending on the spectrograph (Alpy600, LISA, LHIRES) and covering ~3800-7200A and S/N of about 20-100) with exposure times ranging from 3500 to 10400 sec. The He I spectrum ATel #10527 has persisted but weakened steadily since Jun 24, while after Jun 29 the Fe II 4921, 5018, 5169, among others, spectrum appeared with P Cyg profiles having maximum velocities around -800 km/s. The absorption troughs have increased in relative strength, from about 10\% on Jun 30 to around 25\% on Jul 4. Halpha showed absorption through Jul 2, at -1000 km/s, with the emission FWZI remained about 3200 km/s. On Jun 29-30, the He I lines showed P Cyg troughs extending to about -800 km/s, as reported previously; the absorption has persisted but both it and the emission have weakened, the profile narrowed, and the maximum velocity reduced to about -500 km/s or less. Na I D absorption, likely interstellar, was detected in those spectra with sufficient resolution. No Na I emission was detected but that may increase as the metallic lines develop. N II emission, reported in Atel #10527, was not detected on any of the spectra. The spectra are now those typical of the optically thick, post-fireball stage of the expansion. Observations are continuing, all spectra are publicly available though http://www.astrosurf.com/aras/Aras_DataBase/Novae/2017_NovaSct2017.htm

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