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INTEGRAL IBIS/ISGRI hard X-ray detection of the accreting millisecond pulsar XTE J1751-305

ATel #1046; M. Falanga (APC-Paris & SAp/CEA-Saclay, France), S. Soldi (ISDC, Switzerland), S. Shaw (Southampton UK & ISDC), A. Goldwurm (APC-Paris & SAp/CEA-Saclay), G. Belanger (ESAC-ESA, Spain), D. Porquet (MPE Garching, Germany), F. Melia (University of Arizona, US), R. Terrier (APC-Paris, France), F. Yusef-Zadeh (Dearborn Observatory and Northwestern University, US)
on 5 Apr 2007; 10:17 UT
Credential Certification: Nami Mowlavi (Nami.Mowlavi@obs.unige.ch)

Subjects: X-ray, Neutron Star, Transient, Pulsar

Referred to by ATel #: 1051, 1055

We report the serendipitous detection with the INTEGRAL IBIS/ISGRI camera of the accretion powered millisecond pulsar XTE J1751-305 during the Galactic centre region observation from 2007:04:03T11:47 to 2007-04-04T20:31. XTE J1751-305 was always less than 8 degrees from the pointing direction and it is clearly detected in the 20-40 keV energy band at a flux level of 27 mCrab on 2007-04-03 (between 18:36 and 21:08 UT). In the mosaic image of the whole Galactic centre region observation of about 100 ks, the source has been detected both in the 20-40 and 40-80 keV band with a flux of 18 and 16 mCrab, respectively. This renewed activity has also been observed by RXTE (ATEL #1045) detection on 04 Apr 2007 17:30 UT. INTEGRAL will continue to observe this region in the next days.