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Follow-up of MASTER OT J152915.84-344746.7

ATel #10455; Hristo Pavlov (Tangra Observatory, IOTA, RASNZ), Peter Pessev (GTC, IAC, ULL)
on 3 Jun 2017; 00:21 UT
Credential Certification: Peter Pessev (peter.pessev@gtc.iac.es)

Subjects: Optical, Transient

We observed MASTER OT J152915.84-344746.7 on MJD57881 with the 14" Meade LX-200 reflector of the Tangra observatory (MPC code E24), equipped with WAT-910BD integrating video camera. The transient was not detected up to a limiting magnitude of ~ 16.5 mag in clear filter. Due to weather conditions limitations, the observations were performed ~ 16 days after the transient discovery by MASTER-OAFA. They indicate that the object has returned to low state, with a magnitude decline of at least 3.5m. A search in the 2MASS-PSC, AllWISE, GSC2.3, Gaia-DR1 and NOMAD-1 databases with a search radius of 3 arc-seconds revealed no counterparts. The same applies for GALEX and 2MASS images. A search in the Gemini and ESO science archives did not returned any imaging observations of the field. Deeper observations are needed to detect the counterpart and constrain the progenitor and transient properties.