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e-MERLIN 5GHz observations of SN2017eaw in NGC6946

ATel #10421; Megan Argo (UCLan), Miguel Perez Torres (IAA-CSIC, Granada), Rob Beswick (Manchester), Nick Wrigley (Manchester)
on 24 May 2017; 18:22 UT
Credential Certification: Miguel A. Perez-Torres (torres@iaa.es)

Subjects: Radio, Supernovae, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 10472

We observed the position of SN2017eaw in NGC6946 (ATel #10372) with e-MERLIN at a central frequency of 5.1 GHz on May 19/20 2017. The supernova was observed over 18 hours, with 10 hours spent on-target. We do not detect the supernova in the resulting map, with a 3-sigma RMS of 65 microJy/beam, consistent with the non-detections by the GMRT and AMI-LA (ATel #10388, #10394, #10413). Observations were centred on RA=20h34m44.240s Dec=+60d11'35.90", and no radio source was detected within an arcminute of this position. At an assumed distance to the SN of 5.5 Mpc, this 3-sigma limit corresponds to an upper limit of the 5.1 GHz monochromatic luminosity of 2.3e24 erg/s/Hz. Further observations of this supernova are planned. We thank the e-MERLIN team for scheduling these observations.