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Spectroscopic classification of CSS170430:122149+255222 as a young Type Ia

ATel #10359; Jennifer Andrews, Nathan Smith, Peter Milne (University of Arizona)
on 8 May 2017; 19:14 UT
Credential Certification: Jennifer Andrews (jandrews@as.arizona.edu)

Subjects: Supernovae

The AZTEC (Arizona Transient Exploration and Characterization) collaboration reports an optical spectrum of CSS170430:122149+255222 obtained on UT 2017 May 5.3 with the 2.3m Bok telescope (+ Boller & Chivens spectrograph, 300 l/mm grating) on Kitt Peak. Cross-correlation using GELATO (Harutyunyan et al., 2008, A&A, 488, 383) finds good matches with SNe Ia (e.g., SNe 1992A, 1994D) about a week before optical maximum with a host galaxy redshift from NED of 0.023049. Using the redshift quoted in a ATEL #10357 we recover an ejecta expansion velocity of 13900 km/s based on the P Cygni minimum of the Si II 6355 line.