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About DR UMa or the CRTS transient CSS110402:135906+554432

ATel #10220; Lampens, Patricia (Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium), Van Cauteren, Paul (Humain Observatory, Belgium)
on 28 Mar 2017; 19:48 UT
Credential Certification: Patricia Lampens (patricia.lampens@oma.be)

Subjects: Optical, Blazar, Transient

We report differential photometric measurements, both unfiltered (filter clear, C) and filtered (filter V), obtained at the Humain station of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (longitude = 5.254, latitude = +50.192, elevation = 280 m) of the CRTS transient CSS110402:135906+554432 (Drake et al. 2009, ApJ 696, 870), which is also identified as DR UMa. The instrumentation is a 16-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope equipped with a Moravian G2-3200 CCD camera. Six measurements were collected relative to the comparison star with coordinates RA = 13h58m51.39s and Dec = +55°44'11.2'' (mag V equals 17.38 mag, B-V equals 0.73). During February, 2017, our single data point corresponds to a normal state of the transient. More recently, we measured a brightening of the order of about one magnitude above its normal value (Table 1). For details, see Fabrika et al. (ATel#3352). Table 1. Observational data Sequence Name Date Julian Date mag Filter nr1 DR UMa 2017-02-14 2457799.469 19.085 C nr2 DR UMa 2017-03-25 2457838.355 18.002 C nr3 DR UMa 2017-03-26 2457839.387 17.818 V nr4 DR UMa 2017-03-26 2457839.357 17.961 C nr5 DR UMa 2017-03-27 2457840.336 18.054 C nr6 DR UMa 2017-03-27 2457840.358 18.087 V