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PNV J16521887-3754189 is a New Galactic Nova in Scorpius

ATel #10071; J. Strader, L. Chomiuk, A. Bahramian, C. Britt (Michigan St), J. S. Brown, K. Z. Stanek, T. W.-S. Holoien, C. S. Kochanek, J. Shields, T. A. Thompson (Ohio State), B. J. Shappee (Carnegie), J. L. Prieto (Diego Portales; MAS), D. Bersier (LJMU), Subo Dong, S. Bose, Ping Chen (KIAA-PKU), J. Brimacombe (Coral Towers Observatory)
on 13 Feb 2017; 05:27 UT
Credential Certification: Jay Strader (strader@pa.msu.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Transient

We report the spectroscopic classification of the transient PNV J16521887-3754189 as a new Galactic nova. A spectrum obtained with the Goodman spectrograph on the SOAR telescope on UT Feb 12.3 shows broad, double-peaked emission predominantly in Balmer lines, He I, and He II. The half-width at zero intensity of the emission is around 2000 km/s. The prominence of He emission lines and the absence of Fe II lines indicates a classification as an He/N nova. The transient was discovered by H. Nishimura with a first detection on UT Jan 30.87 and no detection on Jan 25.87. The ASAS-SN survey recovered the source with a first detection (V~12.8) on Jan 27.38, the first date that this field was observed this season. In the ASAS-SN photometry it has been fading steadily since Jan 27, suggesting it was discovered after peak.