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14622V1405 Cas (= Nova Cas 2021) has entered a recombination phaseS. N. Shore, F. Teyssier, O. Garde, S. Charbonnel, M. Bajer, C. Boussin, H. Allen
13 May 2021; 03:09 UT
14621DAMPE detection of GeV gamma-ray flares from BL LacZun-Lei Xu, Kai-Kai Duan, Wei Jiang, Shi-Jun Lei, Xiang Li, Maria Munoz Salinas,Zhao-Qiang Shen, Meng...
12 May 2021; 01:52 UT
14620Fermi-LAT observation of V1405 Cas Yi-Huan Gong and Kwan-Lok Li
11 May 2021; 14:30 UT
14619Spectroscopic Classification of AT2021lxb with the Keck II telescopeK. Taggart, S. Simha, R. J. Foley, A. Gordon
11 May 2021; 08:42 UT
14618Three Outbursts of Comet C/2020 R4 (ATLAS)Michael S. P. Kelley, Tim Lister, Kritti Sharma, Harsh Kumar, Varun Bhalerao, G. C. Anupama, Sudhanshu...
10 May 2021; 18:45 UT
14617GEMINI/GMOS-S spectroscopic classification of Gaia microlensing event candidates (part 2)Gezer I., Zielinski P., Wyrzykowski L., Gromadzki M., Kruszynska K., Rybicki K. A., Ihanec N., Zdanavicius...
10 May 2021; 09:26 UT
14616Search for a neutrino counterpart to HAWC-210507A with ANTARESAlexis Coleiro and Damien Dornic on behalf of the ANTARES Collaboration
8 May 2021; 16:31 UT
14615Date correction to ATel #14614U. Munari
8 May 2021; 12:32 UT
14614Large brightness increase of V1405 Cas (Nova Cas 2021) to naked-eye visibilityU. Munari, P. Valisa and S. Dallaporta
8 May 2021; 07:28 UT
14613Insight-HXMT detection of a QPO in 1-150 keV in MAXI J1803-298 Author list: Yanan Wang ; Yingchen Xu ; Long Ji ; Liang Zhang ; Liming Song ; Jinlu Qu; Shuang-Nan Zhang;...
8 May 2021; 06:26 UT
14612Continuing >100 MeV Activity from the PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 System 85 Days Post-periastron Detected with the Fermi-LATT. J. Johnson, J. B. Coley, G. Marti-Devesa, R. H. D. Corbet, C. C. Cheung, M. Kerr, A. B. Pearlman,...
8 May 2021; 00:17 UT
14611Fermi-LAT Gamma-ray Observations of IceCube-210503A and detection of a new gamma-ray source, Fermi J0931.9+3633S. Garrappa, S. Buson and C. C. Cheung on behalf of the Fermi-LAT collaboration
7 May 2021; 22:18 UT
14610Non-detection of optical counterpart of Chandra Fast X-ray Transient FXT 210423 by Xinglong 2.16m telescopeL. P. Xin, J. Wang, J. Y. Wei
7 May 2021; 08:24 UT
14609 NuSTAR Observation of MAXI J1803-298 with Periodic DipsYanjun Xu, Fiona Harrison
7 May 2021; 02:08 UT
14608MASTER OT J054018.25-230833.0 discovery dedicated to Victor Kornilov V. Kornilov, V. Lipunov, D. A.H. Buckley, P. Balanutsa, I. Gorbunov, E. Gorbovskoy, O. Gress, N. Tyurina,...
6 May 2021; 17:33 UT
14607MeerKAT radio detection of MAXI J1803-298Mathilde Espinasse, Francesco Carotenuto, Evangelia Tremou, Stephane Corbel, Rob Fender, Patrick Woudt,...
6 May 2021; 14:03 UT
14606NICER detection of possibly periodic X-ray absorption dips in MAXI J1803-298J. Homan, K. C. Gendreau, A. Sanna, G. K. Jaisawal, D. J. K. Buisson, P. M. Bult, D. Altamirano, J. Neilsen,...
6 May 2021; 13:59 UT
14605Two bright bursts from FRB 20201124A with the Onsala 25-m telescope at 1.4 GHz, with no simultaneous emission detected at 330 MHz with Westerbork 25-mF. Kirsten, O. S. Ould-Boukattine, K. Nimmo, J. W. T. Hessels, J. Yang, M. Gawronski, M. P. Snelders,...
6 May 2021; 09:47 UT
14604NuSTAR observation during the fading outburst of the new BeXRB MAXI J0901-531P. Thalhammer, G. K. Jaisawal, K. Pottschmidt, R. Ballhausen, C. Malacaria, F. Fuerst, R. E. Rothschild,...
6 May 2021; 01:50 UT
14603VLBI localization of FRB 20201124A and absence of persistent emission on milliarcsecond scalesB. Marcote, F. Kirsten, J. W. T. Hessels, K. Nimmo, A. Keimpema, Z. Paragi, U. Bach, M. Burgay, A. Corongiu,...
5 May 2021; 18:24 UT
14602NICER follow-up observations of MAXI J1803-298P. M. Bult, K. C. Gendreau, T. Enoto, J. Homan, D. Altamirano, A. Sanna, G. K. Jaisawal, M. Ng, W. Iwakiri,...
5 May 2021; 14:19 UT
14601INTEGRAL/JEM-X detection of MAXI J1803-298Jerome Chenevez, Amanda Schriver Maartensson, Caecilie Lundahl Andersen, Gaurava K. Jaisawal on behalf...
5 May 2021; 07:24 UT
14600ZTF optical non-detection of Chandra Fast X-ray Transient XRT 210423Igor Andreoni, Mansi Kasliwal, Matthew Graham
5 May 2021; 04:14 UT
14599Chandra detection of a fast X-ray transientDacheng Lin, Jimmy A. Irwin, Edo Berger
4 May 2021; 19:55 UT
14598MAXI J1810-298 detected by INTEGRAL at hard X-raysV. Sguera, L. Sidoli
4 May 2021; 18:14 UT
14597SALT spectroscopy of the optical counterpart to MAXI J1803-289D. A. H. Buckley, J. Brink, P. A. Charles, Daniel Groenewald
3 May 2021; 18:42 UT
14596Spectroscopic Classifications of Optical Transients with the Lick Shane telescopeT. Hung, R. J. Foley
3 May 2021; 14:52 UT
14595Stringent upper limits to the mass-loss rate of the Type Ia SN 2021hiz from e-MERLIN radio observationsM. Perez-Torres, J. Moldon, P. Lundqvist, D. Venkattu, on behalf of a larger collaboration.
3 May 2021; 12:44 UT
14594Optical follow-up of MAXI J1803-298R. Hosokawa, K. L. Murata, M. Niwano, N. Ito, H. Takamatsu, Y. Imai, S. Sato, M. Takaku, R. Noto, R....
3 May 2021; 08:11 UT
14593Spectroscopic observation of the unusual variable ASASSN-21gkKeisuke Isogai, Taichi Kato, Kenta Taguchi, Franz-Josef Hambsch
3 May 2021; 06:59 UT
14592ASKAP low-band interferometric localisation of the FRB 20201124A sourceC. K. Day, S. Bhandari, A. T. Deller, R. M. Shannon, on behalf of the ASKAP-CRAFT survey science...
3 May 2021; 06:55 UT
14591Swift Detection of MAXI J1803-298 including an optical counterpartJ. D. Gropp, J. A. Kennea, A. Y. Lien, F. E. Marshall, K. L. Page, D. M. Palmer, B. Sbarufatti, M. H....
2 May 2021; 18:11 UT
14590Spectral Features of YSO Outburst Gaia 21btyLynne A. Hillenbrand
2 May 2021; 18:09 UT
14589Correction to #14588K. Gendreau, Z. Arzoumanian, T. Enoto, T. Mihara, W. Iwakiri, H. Negoro, M. Saylor, J. Pope, B. Trout...
2 May 2021; 13:45 UT
14588NICER detection of the new X-ray transient MAXI J1803-298K. Gendreau, Z. Arzoumanian, T. Enoto, T. Mihara, W. Iwakiri, H. Negoro, M. Saylor, J. Pope, B. Trout...
2 May 2021; 12:56 UT
14587MAXI/GSC detection of a new X-ray transient MAXI J1803-298M. Serino, H. Negoro, M. Nakajima, K. Kobayashi, K. Asakura, K. Seino, T. Mihara, T. Tamagawa, M. Matsuoka,...
2 May 2021; 00:51 UT
14586MASTER: OT with ampl>7m and other T. Pogrosheva, Y. Kechin, A. Pozdnyakov, P. Balanutsa, V. Lipunov, V. Kornilov, R. Podesta, F. Podesta,...
30 Apr 2021; 16:53 UT
14585Spectra and morphological structures in the inner coma of comet C/2020 R4 (ATLAS)Firstname1 La Federico Manzini, Paolo Ochner, Virginio Oldani, Luigi R. Bedin stname1, Firstname2 Lastname2...
29 Apr 2021; 20:47 UT
14584 MASTER OT J115510.13-442218.6: new OT with ampl>6.2mP. Balanutsa, V. Lipunov, V. Kornilov, R. Podesta, F. Podesta, O. Gress, I. Gorbunov, E. Gorbovskoy,...
29 Apr 2021; 18:10 UT
14583Fermi-LAT detection of enhanced gamma-ray activity from BL LacG. La Mura on behalf of the Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration
29 Apr 2021; 02:08 UT
14582Low level optical activity in MAXI J1820+070 M. Cristina Baglio, Jeroen Homan, David M. Russell, Payaswini Saikia, D. M. Bramich, Fraser Lewis, Paul...
28 Apr 2021; 06:11 UT
14581Fermi-LAT detection of gamma-ray flaring activity from the radio galaxy 3C 111G. La Mura, R. Angioni, C. C. Cheung, E. Torresi on behalf of the Fermi Large Area Telescope...
27 Apr 2021; 22:01 UT
14580X-ray detection of the SLSN-I 2020tcw D. Matthews, R. Margutti, D. Coppejans, G. Terreran, A. Hajela, A. Baldeschi, P. Blanchard, M. Stroh,...
27 Apr 2021; 20:52 UT
14579Discovery of 9 ASAS-SN Supernova Candidates, Including 3 in the TESS Field of ViewJ. Brimacombe, G. Masi, B. Nicholls, P. Vallely, K. Z. Stanek, C. S. Kochanek, Z. Way, D. Desai, S. Bose,...
26 Apr 2021; 18:42 UT
14578Confirmation of spectroscopic classification of PGIR21fjn/AT2021kgk as a classical novaN. Blagorodnova, F. Comeron, D. Galadi-Enriquez, S. Gongora J. Ardevol, F. Asensio, A. Caro, M. Carretero,...
26 Apr 2021; 16:02 UT
14577V1405 Cas (= PNV J23244760+6111140) now displaying Fe II emissionS. N. Shore, C. Buil, P. Dubovsky, P. Berardi, M. Bajer, C. Boussin, J. Guarrò, F. Teyssier, E. Bertrand,...
26 Apr 2021; 12:56 UT
14576Correction to #14570: Spectroscopic Follow-up Observation Report of PGIR21fjn/AT2021kgk (Perhaps a Classical Nova?)Kenta Taguchi, Keisuke Isogai
26 Apr 2021; 08:00 UT
14575Spectroscopic Confirmation of ASASSN-21gq = AT 2021klf = ZTF21aanfcmk as a gravitational micro-lensing eventKenta Taguchi, Keisuke Isogai, Naoto Kojiguchi, Yusuke Tampo
26 Apr 2021; 07:47 UT
14574Spectroscopic confirmation of PGIR21fjn/AT2021kgk as a classical nova outburstR. Soria, X. Liang, J. Soon, K. De, M. M. Kasliwal, G. Da Costa, T. Nordlander, R. M. Lau, M. Hankins,...
26 Apr 2021; 05:11 UT
14573Swift J1357.2-0933 as observed with Swift during its 2021 outburstAru Beri, B. E. Tetarenko, Eric C. Bellm, Gregory R. Sivakoff, Arash Bahramian, J. Homan, Rudy Wijnands,...
25 Apr 2021; 02:34 UT
14572INTEGRAL observations of PGIR21fjn/AT2021kgkV. Sguera, L. Sidoli
23 Apr 2021; 15:04 UT
14571Swift/XRT observations of PGIR21fjn/AT2021kgkB. O'Connor and C. Kouveliotou
23 Apr 2021; 01:57 UT
14570Spectroscopic Follow-up Observation Report of PGIR21fjn/AT2021kgk (Perhaps a Classical Nova?)Kenta Taguchi, Keisuke Isogai,, Kosuke Namekata, Yusuke Tampo, Naoto Kojiguchi
22 Apr 2021; 16:22 UT
14569Archival OGLE-IV I-band photometry of MAXI J0903-531A. Udalski, on behalf of the OGLE team
22 Apr 2021; 09:51 UT
14568MAXI J0903-531: Detection of a 0.79d period with TESSRivera Sandoval, L. E., Maccarone, T., Strader, J.
22 Apr 2021; 03:48 UT
14567Palomar Gattini-IR discovery of a peculiar, rapidly rising and highly reddened Galactic transient PGIR21fjn/AT2021kgkR. Soria, K. De, M. M. Kasliwal, K. S. Tinyanont, R. M. Lau, M. Hankins, J. Sokoloski, M. Ashley, A....
22 Apr 2021; 03:15 UT
14566MASTER OT J121212.00-453633.0 - new OT with ampl>5.2m T. Pogrosheva, K. Zhirkov, V. Lipunov, V. Kornilov, D. Buckley, O. Gress, I. Gorbunov, E. Gorbovskoy,...
21 Apr 2021; 16:48 UT
14565Apparent Outburst of Comet 22P/KopffMichael S. P. Kelley, Tim Lister, Kritti Sharma, Harsh Kumar, Varun Bhalerao, G. C. Anupama, Sudhanshu...
20 Apr 2021; 21:14 UT
14564MAXI J0903-531: confirmation of Be star companion and possible binary periodMonageng I. M., Coe M. J., Buckley D. A. H., Kennea J. A., Strader J., Townsend L. J.
20 Apr 2021; 16:16 UT
14563Aquila X-1 returns to quiescence : optical monitoring of the 2021 outburstPayaswini Saikia, David M. Russell, Maria Cristina Baglio, D. M. Bramich and Fraser Lewis
20 Apr 2021; 08:13 UT
14562Spectroscopic Classifications of Optical Transients with Lick Shane + KastS. Tinyanont, K. Taggart, C. Rojas-Bravo, R. J. Foley
19 Apr 2021; 23:53 UT
14561MAXI/GSC detection of a possible X-ray flare from the RS CVn binary system EI EriS. Kitakoga, W. Iwakiri H. Negoro, M. Nakajima, Kobayashi, K. Asakura, K. Seino, T. Mihara, T. Tamagawa,...
19 Apr 2021; 13:46 UT
14560Long-Term X-ray Flaring Activity of the TeV-Detected Blazar H1426+428Bidzina Kapanadze
19 Apr 2021; 10:29 UT
14559NICER detection of periodicity in the new X-ray transient MAXI J0901-531 P. S. Ray, A. Sanna, K. C. Gendreau, Gaurava K. Jaisawal, Jamie Kennea, Wataru Iwakiri, T. Mihara, T....
18 Apr 2021; 23:13 UT
14558Insight-HXMT scanning survey detections of the new X-ray transient MAXI J0903-531C. Wang, J.-Y. Liao, J. Guan, C.-K. Li, Y. Nang, N. Sai, Y. Liu, Y. Chen, X.-L. Cao, C.-Z. Liu, T.-P....
17 Apr 2021; 15:43 UT
14557MAXI J0903-531: Swift localization and optical counterpartJ. A. Kennea, A. Bahramian, P. A. Evans, A. P. Beardmore, H. A. Krimm, P. Romano, K. Yamaoka, M. Serino,...
16 Apr 2021; 18:20 UT
14556Extremely bright pulse from FRB20201124A observed with the 25-m Stockert Radio TelescopeWolfgang Herrmann
16 Apr 2021; 15:47 UT
14555MAXI /GSC detection of a new X-ray transient MAXI J0903-531K. Yamaoka, H. Negoro, M. Serino, M. Nakajima, K. Kobayashi, K. Asakura, K. Seino, T. Mihara, T. Tamagawa,...
16 Apr 2021; 08:02 UT
14554MAXI/GSC detection of X-ray brightening from the X-ray pulsar XTE J1829-098M. Nakajima, H. Negoro, T. Kawamuro, T. Mihara, M. Aoki, K. Kobayashi, R. Takagi, K. Asakura, K. Seino,...
16 Apr 2021; 01:11 UT
14553Visible and infrared spectroscopy of the nova V6595 SagittariiA. J. Bayless, R. J. Rudy, and J. P. Subasavage
15 Apr 2021; 21:42 UT
14552INTEGRAL hard X-ray constrains on the new X-ray transient Swift J174038.1-273712 V. Sguera, L. Sidoli, E. Kuulkers on behalf of the Galactic bulge monitoring team
15 Apr 2021; 13:04 UT
14551MASTER OT J004310.68+412604.3 - OT outburst in M31A. Pozdnyakov, V. Lipunov, V. Kornilov, O. Gress, I. Gorbunov, E. Gorbovskoy, N. Tyurina, P. Balanutsa,...
15 Apr 2021; 08:04 UT
14550Swift Bulge Survey: Follow-up observations of the transient source Swift J174038.1-273712Rivera Sandoval, L. E., Heinke, C. O., Maccarone, T., Shaw, A., Sivakoff, G. on behalf of the SBS team...
15 Apr 2021; 03:51 UT
14549Detection of a persistent radio source at the location of FRB20201124A with VLARoberto Ricci, Luigi Piro, Francesca Panessa, Brendan O'Connor, Simone Lotti, Gabriele Bruni, Bing...
14 Apr 2021; 21:18 UT
14548Strong increase of the optical brightness of BL Lac observed at the Hans-Haffner-SternwarteKilian Schoch, Niels Bader, Felix Hemrich, Ben Horst, Johannes Knoett, Kai Koeberlein, David Reinhart,...
14 Apr 2021; 15:45 UT
14547Enhanced optical activity of the 1156+295 (4C+29.45) quasarS. S. Savchenko, E. G. Larionova, E. V. Shishkina, D. A. Morozova
14 Apr 2021; 07:32 UT
14546Spectroscopic Classifications of Optical Transients with the Lick Shane telescopeK. Taggart, C. Rojas-Bravo, R. J. Foley, C. R. Angus
13 Apr 2021; 20:48 UT
14545NICER observations the new X-ray transient SWIFT J174038.1-273712A. Sanna, D. Altamirano, K. C. Gendreau, L. Burderi, A. Riggio, T. Di Salvo, G. K. Jaisawal, M. Ng
13 Apr 2021; 20:03 UT
14544Spectroscopic classification of ASASSN-21fh as a classical nova of the Fe II classVishal Joshi, Sandipan Borthakur, Dipankar P K Banerjee, Mudit K. Srivastava
13 Apr 2021; 01:36 UT