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Telegrams Posted Within the Last 30 Days ( All )
41 Selected of 16253 Telegrams
16253High-activity state of the blazar AO 0235+164Boyko Mihov, Lyuba Slavcheva-Mihova
24 Sep 2023; 12:49 UT
16252Spectroscopic Classification of SN 2023teg with the SNIFS spectrograph on the University of Hawai'i 88-inch TelescopeE. Ward, P. Matheson, K. Miyakawa, M. Newland, T. Ogawa, X. Tablit, A. Unger, M. Woods, N. E. Drakos,...
23 Sep 2023; 03:47 UT
16251Discovery of FRB 20200317A at 1.25GHz with FASTShanping You, Pei Wang, Xuhong Yu, Xiaoyao Xie, Zhijie Liu, Chunqing Wang, Peng Zeng, Mengshu Han, Yan...
22 Sep 2023; 23:51 UT
16250VLT/X-shooter classification of AT 2023tbf (GOTO23aky) as a dwarf novaA. Saccardi, L. Izzo, J. T. Palmerio, D. B. Malesani, P. D'Avanzo, V. D’Elia, M. Della Valle, D....
21 Sep 2023; 16:41 UT
16249Gaia23cer: a polar with deep eclipseA. Sosnovskij, E. Pavlenko, A. Simon, S. Shugarov
20 Sep 2023; 19:17 UT
16248Discovery of a Probable Nova in M81K. Hornoch, H. Kucakova, S. C. Williams, G. Sala, J. Jose, B. Stecklum, M. J. Darnley, A. Kaur, D. H....
20 Sep 2023; 19:14 UT
16247NICER observations indicate that Swift J1727.8-1603 is deep in the hard intermediate state and evolving towards the soft intermediate stateNiek Bollemeijer, Phil Uttley, Douglas Buisson, Jeroen Homan, Diego Altamirano, Keith C. Gendreau, Zaven...
19 Sep 2023; 21:33 UT
16246Spectroscopic confirmation of TCP J17183380-3123452 as a new Galactic nova in ScorpiusJay Strader, Kirill Sokolovsky, Ryan Urquhart, Elias Aydi, Laura Chomiuk
19 Sep 2023; 16:25 UT
16245Optical polarization monitoring of the black-hole candidate Swift J1727.8-1613V. Kravtsov, A. P. Nitindala, A. Veledina, A. Berdyugin, J. Poutanen, V. Piirola
18 Sep 2023; 18:35 UT
16244Erratum to the ATel #16243: Detection of strong QPO (~ 1.4 Hz) at hard X-rays (> 40 keV) with AstroSat during 'unusual' peak of black hole transient Swift J1727.8-1613Tilak Katoch, H. M. Antia, Anuj Nandi, Parag Shah
14 Sep 2023; 16:30 UT
16243Tilak Katoch (TIFR, Mumbai), H. M. Antia (CEBS & TIFR, Mumbai), Anuj Nandi (U R Rao Satellite Centre, Bengaluru), Parag Shah (TIFR, Mumbai)Discovery detection of strong QPO at hard X-rays with AstroSat during 'unusual' peak of black...
13 Sep 2023; 17:51 UT
16242IXPE Detects X-ray Polarization from Swift J1727.8-1613 in the 2-8keV Energy RangeMichal Dovciak, Ajay Ratheesh, Allyn Tennant, and Giorgio Matt on behalf of the IXPE team
13 Sep 2023; 10:43 UT
16241Fermi LAT detection of renewed gamma-ray activity from the FSRQ PKS 2255-282Sara Cutini and Chiara Bartolini on behalf of Fermi-LAT collaboration
12 Sep 2023; 18:40 UT
16240Gaia23cer as a possible new eclipsing SU UMa type dwarf novaA. O. Simon, A. V. Grytsai, V. O. Ponomarenko, K. Kaziemova, M. Solomakha, O. Pastoven, M. Bilodid, O....
12 Sep 2023; 15:17 UT
16239LSXPS discovery of the transient Swift J150636.7-411910 coincident with the galaxy ESO 328-19Sergio Campana, Phil Evans & Kim Page
12 Sep 2023; 13:55 UT
16238INTEGRAL detects high-energy > 200 keV emission of Swift 1727.8-1613F. Cangemi, T. Bouchet, S. E. Motta, P.-O. Petrucci
12 Sep 2023; 07:40 UT
16237IXPE X-ray polarization observational campaign of Swift J1727.8-1613Michal Dovciak, Ajay Ratheesh, Allyn Tennant, and Giorgio Matt on behalf of the IXPE team
12 Sep 2023; 06:17 UT
16236Spectroscopic Classification of AT2023nwe and AT2023qxk with the Lick Shane telescopeK. W. Davis, R. J. Foley, L. Izzo, C. Cold, W. V. Jacobson-Galan, P. D. Aleo
11 Sep 2023; 16:41 UT
16235Detection of QPO in the peak of outburst of black hole candidate Swift J1727.8-1613: AstroSat/LAXPC Observation in Slew ModeTilak Katoch, H. M. Antia, Anuj Nandi, Parag Shah
10 Sep 2023; 17:26 UT
16234OAUNI photometry of SN 2023mktA. Pereyra, J. Tello, D. Alvarado, E. Torre, M. Zevallos, M. Espinoza, L. de Almeida
7 Sep 2023; 15:10 UT
16233 X-ray and UV observations of a bright non-repeating FRB at T0+236 secondsAaron Tohuvavohu, Jamie Kennea, Phil Evans, James DeLaunay
7 Sep 2023; 13:54 UT
16232Low-amplitude optical variations of Swift J1727.8-1613 observed with LCOKevin Alabarta, David M. Russell, M. Cristina Baglio, D. M. Bramich, Payaswini Saikia, Sandeep Rout...
7 Sep 2023; 13:15 UT
16231e-MERLIN observations of Swift J1727.8-1613David Williams-Baldwin, Sara Motta, Lauren Rhodes, Francesco Carotenuto, Rob Fender, Rob Beswick
6 Sep 2023; 15:18 UT
16230Swift J1727.8-1613 absolute flux density and polarization measured with Submillimeter Array at 1.3mmS. D. Vrtilek, M. Gurwell, M. McCollough, R. Rao
5 Sep 2023; 21:52 UT
16229Small Outburst of Comet 12P/Pons-BrooksHelen Usher, Richard Miles, Marcelo de Oliveira Souza, Errol Simpson, Maria Eleftheriou, Tony Angel,...
5 Sep 2023; 18:39 UT
16228Allen Telescope Array Detection of the black hole candidate Swift J1727.8-1613Joe Bright, Wael Farah, Rob Fender, Andrew Siemion, Alexander Pollak, Dave DeBoer
5 Sep 2023; 10:52 UT
16227Fermi-LAT detection of enhanced gamma-ray activity from the BCU MG2 J164800+2224Adithiya Dinesh,, on behalf of the Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration
4 Sep 2023; 08:16 UT
16226OAUNI photometry of SN 2023fyqA. Pereyra, J. Tello, D. Alvarado, E. Torre, M. Zevallos, M. Espinoza, L. de Almeida
2 Sep 2023; 22:06 UT
16225Near-infrared counterpart and optical evolution of the outburst of Swift J1727.8-1613M. Cristina Baglio, Piergiorgio Casella, Vincenzo Testa, Isabella Mariani, David M. Russell, Thomas J....
2 Sep 2023; 17:46 UT
16224Fermi-LAT detection of enhanced gamma-ray activity from the FSRQ PKS 0227-369Adithiya Dinesh, on behalf of the Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration
2 Sep 2023; 08:58 UT
16223TRAPPIST bright comets production rates: C/2023 P1 (Nishimura), C/2023 E1 (ATLAS), C/2020 V2 (ZTF), C/2022 A2 (PANSTARRS), 103P/Hartley, 2P/Encke, and 12P/Pons-BrooksE. Jehin, M. Vander Donckt, S. Hmiddouch, J. Manfroid and A. Jabiri, Z. Benkhaldoun
1 Sep 2023; 18:05 UT
16222V1716 Sco: Infrared Coronal Line Emission Detected on Day 133C. E. Woodward, A. Evans, D. K.P. Banerjee
1 Sep 2023; 17:17 UT
16221The Swift X-ray Observations Campaign of the Repeating FRB20220912AF. Verrecchia, M. Perri, M. Tavani, C. Casentini, M. Pilia, C. Pittori, D. Pelliciari, G. Bernardi, G....
1 Sep 2023; 15:53 UT
16220Apparent Outburst of Comet P/2014 W1 (PanSTARRS)Michael S. P. Kelley, Tim Lister, Quanzhi Ye on behalf of the Zwicky Transient Facility Collaboration...
31 Aug 2023; 03:35 UT
16219Preliminary spectral fitting and QPO evolution in NICER observations of black hole candidate Swift J1727.8-1613Paul A. Draghis, Jon M. Miller, Jeroen Homan, Phil Uttley, Niek Bollemeijer, James F. Steiner, Jeremy...
30 Aug 2023; 18:58 UT
16218AMI-LA radio detection of AT2019weyLauren Rhodes, Rob Fender, Dave Green, David Titterington
29 Aug 2023; 18:25 UT
16217INTEGRAL and SRG/ART-XC observations of the rise of Swift J1727.8-1613R. A. Sunyaev, I. A. Mereminskiy, S. V. Molkov, A. N. Semena, V. A. Arefiev, R. A. Krivonos, V. V. Levin,...
29 Aug 2023; 18:00 UT
16216GTC optical spectroscopy reveals outflow-related features in Swift J1727.8-1613Daniel Mata Sanchez, Teo Munoz-Darias
29 Aug 2023; 07:55 UT
16215Swift J1727.8-1613 reaches 7.6 Crab with strong QPO in Hard X-raysDavid M. Palmer and Tyler M. Parsotan report on behalf of the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory Team
29 Aug 2023; 04:16 UT
16214Weak H-alpha emission from the recurrent nova T CrB V. Marchev, R. Zamanov, D. Marchev
28 Aug 2023; 19:02 UT
16213The recurrent nova T CrB - decrease of the U band brightnessR. Zamanov, E. Semkov, A. Kostov, S. Boeva, G. Latev
27 Aug 2023; 19:04 UT