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Photometric Follow-Up of A Likely Galactic Nova ASASSN-16kt: Almost Naked Eye

ATel #9550; Ping Chen, Subo Dong, S. Bose (KIAA-PKU), K. Z. Stanek, C. S. Kochanek, J. S. Brown, T. W.-S. Holoien, J. Shields (OSU), B. J. Shappee (Hubble Fellow, Carnegie Observatories), J. L. Prieto (Diego Portales; MAS), D. Bersier (LJMU), L. Chomiuk, J. Strader (MSU), J. Brimacombe (Coral Towers Observatory)
on 26 Sep 2016; 08:53 UT
Credential Certification: Subo Dong (dongsubo@pku.edu.cn)

Subjects: Optical, Nova

Referred to by ATel #: 9564, 9587, 9594, 9644, 10749

We obtained follow-up photometric observations of ASASSN-16kt (ATel #9538 & ATel #9539) with LCOGT 1m telescope at Sutherland, South Africa (SAAO). We performed aperture photometry on the images using the IRAF apphot package and calibrated the results using the AAVSO Photometric All-Sky Survey (APASS; Henden et al. 2015).

JD              Filter  Mag   Err 
2457656.2413     B      6.62  0.06 
2457657.2292     B      6.86  0.06 
2457656.2434     V      6.43  0.05 
2457657.2295     V      6.33  0.06 
2457656.2457     g      6.61  0.06 
2457657.2299     g      6.76  0.08 
2457656.2320     i      6.41  0.04 

We thank LCOGT and its staff for their continued support of ASAS-SN. ASAS-SN is supported by NSF grant AST-1515927, the Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP) at OSU, and the Mt. Cuba Astronomical Foundation. For more information about the ASAS-SN project, see the ASAS-SN Homepage and the list of all ASAS-SN transients.