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Erratum to ATel 9538: ASAS-SN Discovery of A Likely Galactic Nova ASASSN-16kt at V=9.1

ATel #9539; K. Z. Stanek, for the ASAS-SN team
on 24 Sep 2016; 03:05 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Novae
Credential Certification: Krzysztof Stanek (stanek.32@osu.edu)

Subjects: Nova

Referred to by ATel #: 9550, 9564, 9587, 9594, 9644

In the Atel #9538 we have reported incorrect coordinates for the likely Galactic nova ASASSN-16at, here are the correct coordinates:

Object       RA (J2000)    DEC (J2000)    Gal l (deg)   Gal b (deg)    Disc. UT Date   Disc. V mag 
ASASSN-16kt  15:29:01.82  -44:49:40.89       330.091        9.569       2016-09-24.00     9.1 
We apologize for any confusion that might have caused (even older astronomers can get too excited sometimes).