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MASTER OT J130845.02-323254.9: Variable Stars as Source of the High Energy Neutrino.

ATel #9456; V. Lipunov, N. Tyurina, E. Gorbovskoy (Lomonosov MSU), D. Buckley (SAAO)
on 5 Sep 2016; 16:01 UT
Credential Certification: Nataly Tyurina (tiurina@sai.msu.ru)

Subjects: Radio, Optical, >GeV, TeV, VHE, UHE, Neutrinos, Binary, Cataclysmic Variable, Cosmic Rays, Transient, Variables, Pulsar

As reported in ATel #9425 Global MASTER Net auto-detection system ( ( Lipunov et al., MASTER Global Robotic Net, Advances in Astronomy, 2010, 30L) discovered OT source at (RA, Dec) = 13h 08m 45.02s -32d 32m 54.9s on 2016-08-24.73811 UT during inspection of HESE IceCube alert (14 August 2016, 58537957 trigger number http://gcn.gsfc.nasa.gov/notices_amon/58537957_128340.amon , Dornic et al. ATEL #9440 ).

MASTER-SAAO auto-detection system detected again OT at RA (2000) = 13 08 45.02 -32 32 54.9 on 2016-09-04.7627UT (ATEL #9425). We see OT in unfiltered W and I band at coadded image with total exposure 3240 s (18 x 180 s) with 3 - sigma SNR and magnitude W=20.1+-0.3; I = 18.9 +- 0.3. The exposure start time is 2016-09-04 17:19:07, mead time is 2016-09-04 17:50:11.9. So the OT slightly decay.

The image with OT and IceCube error box position is available at http://observ.pereplet.ru/images/HESE58537957MASTER1.jpg

We remember that Integral reports about upper limit prompt Gamma-Ray emission (V. Savchenko et al., Atel #9391 ).

After recent discovery white dwarf AR Sco as radiopulsar (T.R. Marsh et.al.,2016, "A pulsing, radio emitting white dwarf". Nature doi:10.1038/nature18620,16 (2016)) which confirm very old idea about White Dwarf Ejector stage (Lipunov,V.M., Ecology of Rotators,1987, Astrophysics and Space Science, vol. 132, no. 1, April 1987, p. 1-51. http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1987Ap%26SS.132....1L ; Lipunov, V. Nazin, S.N., "Recycled" white dwarfs?", Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions, 1, 153-157, 1992 http://images.astronet.ru/pubd/2008/09/29/0001231058/153-157.pdf )

The relative number of the ejecting WD is very high ( Lipunov, V. M.; Postnov, K. A. "The joint evolution of normal and compact magnetized stars in close binaries - Analytical description and statistical simulation", 1988, Astrophys. and Space Sci. 145, 1-45. http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1988Ap%26SS.145....1L ). But radiopulsar phenomena need several special condition and so not discovered before this August.

The AR Scorpii was classified in the early 1970s as a delta-Scuti star (Satyvaldiev, V. "On seventeen variable stars". Astron. Tsirk. 633, 7–8 (1971) ).

In this telegram we stress that discovery of possible CV or variable star inside or near 1 sigma IceCube error box is very important and this source extremely need new observations. The high energy neutrino can be created after collision pulsars relativistic jet with optical companion and high energy neutrino created. In this case the binary orbit must be "edge on" and WD spin axis must be close to orbital plane. We predict eclipse in MASTER OT J130845.02-323254.9 system as the test of possible high energy neutrino source.

Some additional information may be available at http://gcn.gsfc.nasa.gov/gcn3/19888.gcn3 .

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