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Spectroscopic Classification of AT2016blx

ATel #8928; J. L. Prieto (UDP; MAS), Stu Parker (BOSS), B. J. Shappee (Carnegie Observatories)
on 10 Apr 2016; 02:53 UT
Credential Certification: Jose L. Prieto (jose.prietok@mail.udp.cl)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

A medium resolution optical spectrum (R ~ 4000; wavelength 320-1000nm) was obtained with the Magellan Echellette Spectrograph (MagE) mounted on the Magellan 6.5-m Baade telescope on UT 2016 April 10.04. The spectrum shows a blue continuum with broad Balmer P-Cygni profiles, consistent with a normal Type II SN a few days after explosion. After correcting for the redshift of the host galaxy (z=0.010422 from NED), we measure an H-alpha velocity of -9400 km/s from the minimum of the P-Cygni absorption trough. We also detect a broad absorption feature to the blue of H-alpha at 6215 Angstroms, which is seen in some spectra of young Type II SN and has been identified as the Si II 6355 feature. The velocity of this profile would be -6700 km/s if Si II.