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RXTE PCA observations of IGR J17497-2821

ATel #891; C. B. Markwardt (NASA/GSFC & U. Maryland), J. H. Swank (NASA/GSFC)
on 20 Sep 2006; 21:50 UT
Credential Certification: Craig B. Markwardt (craigm@lheamail.gsfc.nasa.gov)

Subjects: X-ray, Binary, Transient

The RXTE PCA instrument has observed and detected the transient IGR J17497-2821 (ATEL #885). A pointed observation was taken at 04:20 UTC on Sep 20, 2006, with an exposure of 6.6 ks. The source is detected with a flux of about 35 mCrab (2-10 keV), after accounting for the diffuse and point sources within the PCA field of view (about 10 mCrab). No strong pulsations or QPOs were detected, but there was strong red noise variability dominated by periods longer than 1 second.

The PCA bulge scan monitoring program covers this source twice weekly. The 2-10 keV fluxes on Sep 13.43, 17.24 and 20.36 (UTC) were <3 mCrab, 4.4 +/- 1.8 mCrab, and 38 +/- 4 mCrab, respectively (all error bars and upper limits are 1 sigma). Between Sep 1 and Sep 13, the source was not detected above ~3 mCrab (2-10 keV).