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Very Bright OT detected by MASTER-SAAO

ATel #8596; O. Gress, V. Lipunov, E. Gorbovskoy (Lomonosov MSU), D. Buckley (SAAO), N. Budnev (API ISU), N. Tiurina, P. Balanutsa, V. Kornilov, A. Kuznetsov, V. Shumkov, I. Gorbunov, D. Vlasenko, V. Vladimirov, E. Popova (M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, SAI), S. Potter, M. Kotze (The South African Astronomical Observatory)
on 27 Jan 2016; 13:16 UT
Credential Certification: Nataly Tyurina (tiurina@sai.msu.ru)

Subjects: Optical, Blazar, Cataclysmic Variable, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 8611

MASTER OT J003831.10-640313.7 discovery - CV or BL Lac type

MASTER-SAAO auto-detection system ( Lipunov et al., "MASTER Global Robotic Net", Advances in Astronomy, 2010, 349171 ) discovered OT source at (RA, Dec) = 00h 38m 31.10s -64d 03m 13.7s on 2016-01-26.85306 UT. The OT unfiltered magnitude is 12.7m (limit 18.5m). The OT is seen in 48 images. There is no minor planet at this place. We have reference image without OT on 2015-02-06.77647 UT with unfiltered magnitude limit 21.7m.

There are several catalogues which contain object inside our error box (+-0.7 arc sec): GALEX,WISE etc. But it is interesting that the source founded in Atlas of Radio/X-ray associations (ARXA).

Spectral observations are required.

The discovery and reference images are available at: http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/003831.10-640313.7.png

List of Optical Transients discovered by MASTER

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