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INTEGRAL detects renewed activity from IGR J11435-6109

ATel #8414; M. Fiocchi (INAF-IAPS Roma, Italy), J. Chenevez (DTU Space, Denmark), V. Sguera, (INAF-IASF Bologna, Italy), L. Sidoli, (INAF-IASF Milano, Italy), A. J. Bird, (Univ. of Southampton, UK), A. Bazzano, L. Natalucci, P. Ubertini (INAF-IAPS Roma, Italy)
on 15 Dec 2015; 13:43 UT
Credential Certification: mariateresa fiocchi (mariateresa.fiocchi@iaps.inaf.it)

Subjects: X-ray, Gamma Ray, Binary, Transient, Variables

During a recent INTEGRAL public observation of Musca region, performed between 2015-12-11 17:54 and 2015-12-12 12:54 (UTC), renewed activity from the transient X-ray pulsar IGR J11435-6109 has been detected. The 22-60 keV IBIS/ISGRI flux corresponds to (10+/-1) mCrab with an effective exposure time of 18 ks. The source was within the field of view of JEM-X instruments for a net exposure time of 36 ks. In the combined JEM-X1 and JEM-X2 mosaic, it was detected at a flux level of 3.8+/-0.4 mCrab and 3.7+/-1.1 mCrab in the 3-10 keV and 10-25 keV energy ranges, respectively. We note the time of this detection is consistent with the epoch of expected maximum flux, assuming the ephemeris information reported in (ATel #377).