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A fast-rise radio flare in Cyg X-3

ATel #828; Trushkin S. A. (SAO RAS, Russia), Pooley G. (MRAO, Cavendish Lab, Cambridge UK), Harinov M. A., Mikhailov A. G. (IAA RAS, Russia)
on 8 Jun 2006; 12:33 UT
Credential Certification: Sergei Trushkin (satr@sao.ru)

Subjects: Radio, Millimeter, X-ray, Request for Observations, Binary, Black Hole

Referred to by ATel #: 952, 984, 1028

We have detected new activity in X-ray binary Cyg X-3 (see ATEL #727, #806, #807, #809). We have observed Cygnus X-3 with RT32 (Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS, Russia) on 5 June 2006 (MJD53891) at 2.3 and 8.5 GHz. This date is within the interval covered by the Ryle telescope in Cambridge (UK) at 15 GHz, but the observations were not simultaneous. We have detected a very fast rise in the flux density at 2.3 and 8.5 GHz over a period of less 3 hours, after the slower increase of the flux at 15 GHz. See http://cats.sao.ru/~satr/XB/CygX-3/CygX-3_05_06_2006flare.gif At the maximum of the flare the radio spectrum was flat (~2.2 Jy) and then radio emission decayed to less 100 mJy at 2.3 GHz and 586 mJy at 8.5 GHz. We will observe Cyg X-3 with RT32 during 10-11 June 2006.