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Asiago spectroscopic classification of two SN candidates

ATel #7903; G. Terreran, A. Pastorello, S. Benetti, E. Cappellaro, N. Elias-Rosa, P. Ochner, L. Tartaglia, L. Tomasella, M. Turatto (INAF OAPd)
on 12 Aug 2015; 08:15 UT
Credential Certification: Lina Tomasella (lina.tomasella@oapd.inaf.it)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

The Asiago Transient Classification Program (Tomasella et al. 2014, AN, 335, 841) reports the spectroscopic classification of PS15bqn in the galaxy 6dF J2225238-165808 (discovered by PS1) and PSN J02283286+2017077 in the galaxy NGC 938, discovered by K. Itagaki. Informations on these transients are also available from the "Bright Supernova" website (http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/snimages/) and the CBAT Transient Object Followup Reports (http://www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/index.html). The observations were performed with the Asiago 1.82 m Copernico Telescope (+AFOSC; range 340-820 nm; resolution 1.4 nm).

Name                         | Discovery      | z       |   Type   | Observation date |  Phase      | Notes  
PS15bqn                      | 2015-08-09.476 | 0.201 2 |   AGN    | 2015-08-11.98    |    -        | (1)       
PSN J02283286+2017077        | 2015-08-06.092 | 0.0137  |    Ia    | 2015-08-12.04    |  +30d       | (2)  

(1) The spectrum shows narrow [O II] 3727 A and [O III] 4959,5007 A, and broad Balmer lines with an asymmetric profile. Good match is found with spectra of broad line AGNs.

(2) The velocity of the ejected material, as inferred from the position of the minimum of the Si II 635.5 nm line, is about 9300 km/s. Also classified as a Type-Ia SN by K. Ayani, Bisei Astronomical Observatory (BAO) in CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports" (http://www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/unconf/followups/J02283286+2017077.html)

Classifications were done with GELATO (Harutyunyan et al. 2008, A&A, 488, 383) and SNID (Blondin and Tonry 2007, ApJ, 666, 1024). The Asiago classification spectra are posted at the website http://sngroup.oapd.inaf.it.

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