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DAO spectroscopy of V404 Cygni

ATel #7706; D. D. Balam (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory) and M. L. Graham (LCOGT - UCSB)
on 24 Jun 2015; 16:21 UT
Credential Certification: David D. Balam (cosmos@uvic.ca)

Subjects: Black Hole, Cataclysmic Variable, Nova, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 7708, 7721, 7740, 7959

We report on our spectroscopic observations of the renewed activity (Barthelmy et. al GCN #17929 ) of in the black hole X-ray binary V404 Cyg. Spectra were obtained on UT June 23.44 with the 1.82-m Plaskett telescope (National Research Council of Canada) using the low-dispersion spectrograph (365-721 nm, resolution 0.32 nm). Our spectra show the continuum sloping up to the red end, Balmer emission lines to H-epsilon, He I (706.5, 667.8, 587.5, 504.7 nm.), He II (468.6 nm.) and the 464.0 nm. complex of NII + N III. The FWHM of H-alpha is 610 km/sec. We also measure the He II/H-beta ratio as 1.53. We do not see P-Cygni profiles to the Balmer emission lines.