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Radio flaring from Algol detected by AMI-LA

ATel #7703; Kunal Mooley, Rob Fender, Gemma Anderson, Anthony Rushton, Tim Staley (Oxford), Guy Pooley (Cambridge)
on 24 Jun 2015; 14:21 UT
Credential Certification: Kunal Mooley (kunal.mooley@physics.ox.ac.uk)

Subjects: Radio, Binary, Star, Variables

Referred to by ATel #: 7708, 7740

We report that two ~100 mJy flares were detected in the prototypical active binary system, Algol, on 2015 Jun 19.49 and 22.42 by AMI-LA at 16 GHz. The light curve is shown here. Similar flares and brighter ones, having a peak flux density of up to 1.2 Jy, have been reported previously by Pooley & Ryle (1973, Nature, 244, 270; 5 GHz) and by Richards et al. (2003, ApJS, 147, 337; 2.3 GHz and 8.3 GHz).

We would like to thank the AMI team for their hard work in scheduling the observations and delivering the data to us. These observations have been carried out as part of a flare star monitoring campaign on AMI-LA, a subset of the 4 PI SKY project (4pisky.org).

AMI Algol light curve