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Errata to ATEL#7289, 7290

ATel #7292; F. Forster (CMM, MAS)
on 26 Mar 2015; 03:51 UT
Credential Certification: Francisco Förster (francisco.forster@gmail.com)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

I report the following errors present in ATEL#7290 and ATEL#7291: 
1. The supernova candidate SNHiTS15ci from ATEL#7290 corresponds to candidate SNHiTS15ba from ATEL#7149
2. The supernova candidates SNHiTS15cb and SNHiTS15cj from ATEL#7290 are actually the same.
3. The supernova candidate SNHiTS15by reported in ATEL#7289, whose optical spectra is reported in ATEL#7291, corresponds to candidate PS15ou.
I note that although it was reported later, the first HiTS detection of candidate PS15ou was on UT 2015-03-09.
See relevant frames in http://bit.ly/1BNgj2b
I thank David Bishop for pointing out these errors.