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The symbiotic star CD-57 3057 is the likely counterpart of IGR J10109-5746

ATel #715; N. Masetti, L. Bassani (IASF/INAF, Bologna), A. J. Dean (Univ. Southampton), P. Ubertini (IASF/INAF, Rome) and R. Walter (ISDC, Versoix)
on 30 Jan 2006; 17:26 UT
Credential Certification: Nicola Masetti (masetti@iasfbo.inaf.it)

Subjects: Optical, X-ray, A Comment, Binary, Cataclysmic Variable

We report that, further to the discovery of the new INTEGRAL source IGR J10109-5746 belonging to the Crux Galactic arm survey (Revnivtsev et al. 2005, astro-ph/0508155) and of its likely soft X-ray counterpart SWIFT J1010.1-5747 (Tueller et al., ATel #669), a SIMBAD catalog search showed that the precise Swift/XRT source position is consistent with the emission-line late-type star CD-57 3057.

Inspection of the published optical spectrum of this star (Pereira et al., 2003, A&A, 397, 927) suggests strong similarities with that of RT Cru, the optical counterpart of IGR J12349-6434 (see ATels #519, #528, #591).

Therefore, given the positional coincidence of the INTEGRAL, Swift and optical sources described above, we conclude that CD-57 3057 is the likely optical counterpart of IGR J10109-5746, and that it is a symbiotic system similar to IGR J12349-6434/RT Cru.

This research has made use of the SIMBAD database, operated at CDS, Strasbourg, France.