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Swift Observations of Supernova 2006E in NGC 5338

ATel #691; S. Immler, S. T. Holland, (Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA and Universities Space Research Association), P. J. Brown (Pennsylvania State University) and P. Milne (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona)
on 14 Jan 2006; 21:47 UT
Credential Certification: Peter J. Brown (pbrown@astro.psu.edu)

Subjects: Ultra-Violet, X-ray, Supernovae

On behalf of the Swift-satellite team, we report on Swift Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) and X-Ray Telescope (XRT) observations of SN 2006E (IAUC # 8658 ) obtained on Jan. 13.83 UT. UVOT magnitudes are UVW1 [181-321 nm] = 17.27 mag (711 s exposure), and UVW2 [112-264 nm] = 18.41 mag (1,274 s). Statistical and systematic errors are 0.1 mag each. The UVW2-UVW1 color matches SN 2005am (Brown et al. 2005, ApJ, 635, 1192) at about 25 +/- 5 days after maximum (B band), consistent with the spectroscopic age reported in ATEL #690.

No X-ray source is detected at the position of SN 2006E in a simultaneous 1,740 s XRT observation. The 3-sigma upper limit to the count rate is 4.2E-03 cts/s, corresponding to a (0.3-2 keV) X-ray flux of 9.7E-14 ergs/cm/cm/s for an assumed thermal plasma spectrum with a temperature of 1 keV and an absorbing foreground column density of 2.05E+20 cm**-2 (Dickey & Lockman 1990, ARAA 28, 215) and a luminosity of 1.3E+39 ergs/s at a distance of 10.5 Mpc (z=0.00272; NED). Further Swift observations are scheduled.