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Be Star Counterpart of X-ray Transient IGR J06074+2205

ATel #682; J. P. Halpern, S. Tyagi (Columbia U.)
on 27 Dec 2005; 11:45 UT
Credential Certification: Jules Halpern (jules@astro.columbia.edu)

Subjects: Optical, X-ray, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 959

We report a probable optical counterpart of the transient X-ray source IGR J06074+2205 (Chenevez et al., ATel #223) discovered by the JEM-X telescopes on INTEGRAL. On 2005 Dec. 27, using the MDM 2.4m telescope to obtain low-resolution spectra of bright stars in the 2' radius X-ray error circle, we find a Be star at R.A. = 06h 07m 26.6s, Decl. = +22d 05' 48". Its magnitudes in the USNO A2.0 and 2MASS catalogs are B=13.3, R=12.1, J=10.49, H=10.19, K=9.96. It has an H-alpha emission line of E.W.=0.66 nm and diffuse interstellar absorption bands. These typical spectral features of a Be/X-ray binary, and its location within 1' of the INTEGRAL position, make the identification compelling. In this case, the radio source discussed by Pooley (ATel #226) is an unrelated object.