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Be Star Counterpart of X-ray Transient IGR J01583+6713

ATel #681; J. P. Halpern, S. Tyagi (Columbia U.)
on 24 Dec 2005; 10:55 UT
Credential Certification: Jules Halpern (jules@astro.columbia.edu)

Subjects: Optical, X-ray, Binary, Transient

Kennea et al. (ATel #673) proposed an optical/IR candidate for the hard X-ray transient IGR J01583+6713 (Steiner et al., ATel #672) based on its positional coincidence with a Swift XRT source detection. The USNO-B1.0 POSS II magnitudes of the star are B=14.98, R=13.24, I=12.12. It is located at RA = 01h 58m 18.44s, Decl. = +67d 13' 23.5" (J2000). We obtained a low-resolution optical spectrum using the MDM 2.4m telescope on 2005 Dec. 24. It reveals strong H-alpha and weak H-beta emission lines, of EW 7 nm and 0.6 nm, respectively, as well as diffuse interstellar bands. These are typical features of a Be/X-ray binary.