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Observations of an apparent SN in NGC 2276

ATel #594; F. Manzini (Stazione Astronomica di Sozzago, Italy), A. Dimai & M. Migliardi (Col Druscié Obs., Cortina, Italy)
on 26 Aug 2005; 18:42 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Request For Observations
Credential Certification: Federico Manzini (manzini.ff@aruba.it)

Subjects: Infra-Red, Optical, Request for Observations, Star, Supernovae

Federico Manzini (SAS obs., IAUC A12) report the observation by Alessandro Dimai, Cortina (Italy), and Marco Migliardi, Tour Tour (France), of an apparent SN in NGC 2276 (m. = +17.1), on four unfiltered CCD images taken on 2005 august 25.1 (lim. magn. about +19,5) with the 0.5-m "Ullrich" telescope of the Col Druscié observatory (Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy). The observation is confirmed by other three unfiltered CCD images, taken on 2005 august 26.13 (m = +16.8 and limiting magnitude about +19.8), with the same telescope on behalf of the CROSS (Col drusciè Remote Observatory Supernovae Search) program (cf. IAUC 7373 ). The apparent SN is located at R.A. = 07h 27m 31.75s; Decl. = +85deg 45m 15.0s (2000.0), which is 18 sec E and 1 sec S of the nucleus of NGC 2276. A CROSS image of the same field taken on 2005 may 19th (limiting mag about 18,5) and an image taken on 2005 february 17th (lim. magn. about 19,0) by F. Manzini (SAS obs., 0,4m telescope) with the same CCD sensor, showed nothing in the position of the object. It does not appear on Palomar Sky Survey red, IR and blue plates.