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Bright large-amplitude CV discovered by MASTER

ATel #5587; A. Rufanov, D. Denisenko, E. Gorbovskoy, V. Lipunov, N. Tiurina, P. Balanutsa, V. Kornilov, A. Belinski, N. Shatskiy, V. Chazov, A. Kuznetsov, V. Vladimirov, V. Yecheistov (Moscow State University, SAI), A. Parkhomenko, A. Tlatov, D. Dormidontov, V. Senik (Kislovodsk Solar Station of Pulkovo Observatory), K. Ivanov, S. Yazev, N. Budnev, E. Konstantinov, O. Chuvalaev, V. Poleshchuk, O. Gress (Irkutsk State University), V. Yurkov, Y. Sergienko, D. Varda, E. Sinyakov, A. Gabovich (Blagoveshchensk Educational University), V. Krushinsky, I. Zalozhnih, A. Popov, A. Bourdanov (Ural Federal University), P. Podvorotny, V. Shumkov, S. Shurpakov (MASTER team members), H. Levato, C. Saffe (ICATE), C. Mallamaci, C. Lopez, F. Podest (OAFA)
on 17 Nov 2013; 16:04 UT
Credential Certification: Vladimir Lipunov (lipunov2007@gmail.com)

Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variable, Transient

MASTER OT J095018.04-063921.9 - new bright large-amplitude CV

MASTER-Kislovodsk auto-detection system discovered OT source at (RA, Dec) = 09h 50m 18.04s -06d 39m 21.9s on 2013-11-17.00834 UT. The OT unfiltered magnitude is 14.1m (limit 17.4m). The OT is seen in 9 images. There is no minor planet at this place. We have reference image without OT on 2010-11-04.10560 UT with unfiltered magnitude limit 19.5m.

The OT at quiescence is identical to the faint blue star USNO-B1.0 0833-0227098 (09 50 18.137 -06 39 21.96 B1=20.07 R1=19.51 B2=20.89 R2=20.08). Color-combined finder chart is uploaded to http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/J095018-063921-JRIR.jpg (10'x10' FOV). There is also an UV counterpart GALEX J095018.1-063921 (FUV=21.49+/-0.27, NUV=20.90+/-0.18). There is nothing at this position in 1RXS, 2MASS, GCVS and AAVSO VSX. This area of sky in Sextans is not covered by SDSS.

The position of the OT was observed by NEAT project with 74 images obtained on 28 different nights from 2000 Mar. 07 to 2004 Apr. 06. The object was at quiescence on all images. No outbursts were detected by Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey.

Based on the blue color, UV counterpart and amplitude of variability (at least 6m) we conclude that MASTER OT J095018.04-063921.9 is a new cataclysmic variable of SU UMa (UGSU) type in superoutburst. Follow up observations are required. The discovery and reference images are available at: http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/095018.04-063921.9.png

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