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Candidate AGN in the 2nd IBIS/ISGRI survey catalogue

ATel #537; Bassani, L., Malizia A. (IASF/INAF, Bologna, Italy), Molina M., Dean A. J. (University of Southampton, Southampton, UK), Ubertini P., Bazzano A. (IASF/INAF, Roma, Italy), Walter R.(ISDC, Genevea, Switzerland), Lebrun F. and P. Laurent (CEA, Saclay, France)
on 28 Jun 2005; 14:36 UT
Credential Certification: Loredana Bassani (bassani@bo.iasf.cnr.it)

Subjects: X-ray, Gamma Ray, AGN

Referred to by ATel #: 572

On behalf of the IBIS Core Programme AGN and survey teams we report that the following sources in the forthcoming second IBIS/ISGRI catalogue (Bird et al. 2005 to be submitted to Ap.J.) are likely to be Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN):

NAME [RA(2000) Dec(2000)] Radio counterpart [RA(2000) Dec (2000)]
IGR J10404-4625 160.095 -46.416 SUMSS J104022-462525 10 40 22.23 -46 25 25.6
LEDA 170194 189.796 -16.182 NVSS J123911-161041 12 39 11.74 -16 10 41.3
4U1344-60 206.872 -60.604 -------------------------- ------------- -------------
IGR J16482-3036 252.040 -30.593 NVSS J164816-303507 16 48 16.60 -30 35 07.5
2E1853.7+1534 284.008 +15.621 NVSS J185600+153755 18 56 00.51 +15 37 55.2

All sources except 4U1344-60 have a radio counterpart (either NVSS or SUMSS as in the table above) and are also 2 MASS extended sources classified as galaxies. IGR J10404-4625 and LEDA 170194 are emission line galaxies at redshift 0.0239 and 0.0367 respectively, although they have not yet been optically classified. Except for LEDA 170194, all are X-ray emitting objects; the bright source 4U1344-60 has recently been detected by XMM and suggested to be a low galactic latitude, low redshift active galaxy (Michel et al.2004, ASP Conf. Series 314, 570). Optical follow-up is required for these sources to provide final confirmation of their nature, but on the basis of the above characteristics they can already be tentatively classified as AGN.