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FIRE spectroscopic classifications of optical transients

ATel #4935; E. Y. Hsiao (LCO), G. H. Marion (Harvard-CfA), N. Morrell (LCO), E. Hadjiyska (Yale), E. S. Walker (Yale), D. Rabinowitz (Yale), C. Baltay (Yale), N. Ellman (Yale), R. McKinnon (Yale), U. Feindt (U. Bonn), P. Nugent (LBNL/UCB)
on 1 Apr 2013; 23:00 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Eric Hsiao (hsiao@lco.cl)

Subjects: Infra-Red, Optical, Supernovae

We report three spectroscopic classifications using near-infrared spectra (range 800-2400 nm) obtained with the FoldedPort Infrared Echellette (FIRE) spectrograph on the 6.5-m Magellan Baade Telescope. Classifications were done comparing the near-infrared spectra to the library of Marion et al. 2009, A.J. 138, 727. LSQ13ry was supplied by the La Silla-Quest survey (see Hadjiyska et al., ATel #3812). It was discovered on 2013-03-30 at RA=10:32:48.00, DEC=+04 11 51.75 at 19.3 mag. All redshifts are from the presumed hosts and approximately match the supernova redshifts.

Name                  | Source | Host z   | Type | Best Match 
PSN J05395213-4030281 | SNhunt | 0.037279 | Ia   | SN2005am at 0d 
PSN J18423786-6456135 | CHASE  | 0.015728 | Ia   | SN2000dk at +5d 
LSQ13ry               | LSQ    | 0.029857 | Ia   | SN2004en at -4d