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Possible Nova among Hyades stars

ATel #4513; Ian Shelton (Mount Allison University, University of Toronto)
on 23 Oct 2012; 18:00 UT
Credential Certification: Ian Shelton (ishelton@mta.ca)

Subjects: Optical, Request for Observations, Nova, Star, Transient, Variables

Referred to by ATel #: 4514

A new(?) very red 6th mag star was discovered among the stars of the Hyades from images obtained on 2012 October 22 04:28 EDT (10:28 UT). The coordinates of the star are RA,Dec (J2000.0): 04:23:29, +17:58:29 (+/-10"). This position is 2.23 arcmin south of the star GSC 1268-1045; and although this faint (13th mag) star does not appear on the discovery images, it is not believed to be the new star. Follow-up observations, especially spectroscopy are very desirable to confirm the presence and nature of the new star.

Images to help locate the new star are available here