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Fermi/GBM detection of pulsations from IGR J18179-1621

ATel #3961; Mark H. Finger (USRA) and Colleen A. Wilson-Hodge (NASA/MSFC) for the GBM pulsar Team
on 9 Mar 2012; 22:56 UT
Credential Certification: Dr. Mark H. Finger (Mark.Finger@msfc.nasa.gov)

Subjects: X-ray, Binary, Neutron Star, Pulsar

We detected in GBM data the 11.82 s pulsations of IGR J18179-1621 discovered by J. P. Halpern (ATel #3949) in the Swift XRT data.

In the data of February 20-23 we detected a pulsation with a barycentric frequency of 84.5896(4) mHz and an r.m.s. amplitude of 5.9 +- 1.3 mCrab in the 12-25 keV band. For February 24-27 we detected pulsation at 84.5908(3) mHz with an r.m.s. amplitude of 8.5 +- 1.3 mCrab in the the same band.

No other pulse detections were found in a search of the 84.50 to 84.72 mHz range conducted with four day intervals covering 2008 August 11 to 2012 March 7.

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