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First radio light curve of MAXIJ1836-194 at 4.8 GHz with RATAN-600

ATel #3656; S. A. Trushkin, N. A. Nizhelskij, G. V. Zhekanis (SAO RAS)
on 23 Sep 2011; 16:00 UT
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Credential Certification: Sergei Trushkin (satr@sao.ru)

Subjects: Radio, Millimeter, Optical, X-ray, Binary, Black Hole

Referred to by ATel #: 3689

After discovery of the X-ray binary MAXIJ1836-194 (ATEL#3611) we are daily observing it from 2 September with the RATAN-600 radio telescope. We have clearly detected it at levels within 20-50 mJy at 4.8 GHz with mean errors near 4 mJy. Total mean value is equal 30 +-9 mJy (+- one sigma), that indicates variability at 4.8 GHz. We have also detected MAXIJ1836-194 on the average (for 6-7 days) drift curves at 7.7 and 11.2 GHz. The total spectra are probably flat or inverted ones as found with EVLA (ATEL#3628). The light curve of MAXIJ1836-194 during 2-22 September 2011 measured with RATAN-600: