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ASM Observations of IGR J00291+5934

ATel #357; Ron Remillard (for ASM team at MIT and GSFC)
on 6 Dec 2004; 16:59 UT
Credential Certification: Ron Remillard (rr@space.mit.edu)

Subjects: X-ray, Transient, Pulsar

Referred to by ATel #: 1660, 1786

A mission-long light curve (Jan. 1996 - Dec. 2004) has been constructed for IGR J00291+5934 (Atel #352),using the position of the optical counterpart (Atel #354). The results quoted below utilize only the dwells for which the fitted channel-A background has values less than 12.0 c/s. For the current outburst, the first ASM detection appears on 2004 Dec. 2, with an average flux of 20(4) mCrab at 2-12 keV. Then during Dec. 3-6, the average flux per day (UT) varies between 10(2) and 22(2) mCrab. There are marginal ASM detections (5 sigma) of similar outbursts from this source during 1998 Nov. 26-28 (maximum at 21(4) mCrab) and 2001 Sept. 11-21 (maximum at 18(3) mCrab). If these results are correct, then this transient appears every three years, and observers should note that the current outburst may not last much longer.