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Discovery of a possible supernova

ATel #3145; Z. Kuli, K. Sárneczky (Konkoly Observatory)
on 4 Feb 2011; 13:23 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Jozsef Vinko (vinko@astro.as.utexas.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

We report the discovery of a possible supernova (mag 19.7) on 37.5-min co-added unfiltered CCD images (limiting mag 21.5) taken on 2011 Jan. 30.753 UT with the 0.60-m Schmidt telescope at Konkoly Observatory, Piszkéstetõ, Hungary. The transient was observed again at mag 19.3 on 2011. Feb. 1.733 UT. The new object is located at R.A. = 01h09m52s.97, Decl. = +15d59'43".3 (equinox 2000.0), which is 0".6 east of the center of the presumed host galaxy SDSS J010952.96+155942.5 (r=20.56 mag, photo-z = 0.03 from SDSS). No point source is visible at this position on co-added 50-min reference images taken on 2010 Oct. 31 and 2011 Jan. 3 (limiting mag 22.5 on both images). An animated gif showing the variable is posted at the following URL: http://titan.physx.u-szeged.hu/~sky/poss-sn2.gif Adopting z=0.03 as the redshift of the transient, the observed brightness corresponds to M = -16.1 mag. This and the observed rapid brightening is consistent with a supernova well before maximum light. Spectroscopic observations are encouraged.

Possible supernova