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Chandra follow-up observation of the Crab nebula after the high energy flare

ATel #3058; D. Horns (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Univ. Hamburg), A. Tennant (NASA/MSFC), C. Ferrigno (ISDC/Univ. Geneva), M. C. Weisskopf (NASA/MSFC), A. Neronov (ISDC/University of Geneva), M. Tavani, E. Costa (INAF-IASF Roma), P. Caraveo (INAF-IASF Milano)
on 30 Nov 2010; 19:20 UT
Credential Certification: Dieter Horns (Dieter.Horns@mpi-hd.mpg.de)

Subjects: X-ray, Gamma Ray, Neutron Star, Variables, Pulsar

Following the GeV flare detected by Agile and Fermi on 2010-09-19 (ATELS #2855 and #2861), a series of three Chandra ToO observations have been carried out on 2010-09-28 (ATel #2882), 2010-10-28 (ATel #2994). The last observation of this series was performed on 2010-11-28 between 10:57:53 and 12:58:59 (UT). The sequence of the three images reveals a successive brightening of the NW part of the X-ray ring during the last two months by about 15%. This type of brightening has been observed previously with Chandra (Hester et al. 2002). The knot-like features to the SE of the pulsar remain similar to the first ToO observation. We thank the CXC and its director, Harvey Tananbaum, for making this observation possible. The data are available in the Chandra public archive.