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OCRA monitoring of V407 Cyg at 30GHz

ATel #2905; M. W. Peel (JBCA, Manchester, UK), M. P. Gawronski (TCfA, Torun, Poland), I. W.A. Browne, R. J. Davis, P. N. Wilkinson (JBCA, Manchester, UK), R. Feiler, A. J. Kus, B. M. Pazderska, E. Pazderski (TCfA, Torun, Poland), M. Birkinshaw, K. Lancaster (University of Bristol, Bristol, UK)
on 5 Oct 2010; 14:48 UT
Credential Certification: Michael Peel (michael.peel@manchester.ac.uk)

Subjects: Radio, Nova, Transient, Variables

We have made measurements of the 30GHz radio emission from V407 Cyg using the OCRA-p receiver on the Torun telescope between 24 March and 3 October 2010. These follow from the optical and Fermi-LAT detections of the nova outburst (AAVSO Alert 419 / Special Notice 201, ATEL #2487; also see ATEL #2498) and its detections at radio frequency (ATELs #2506, #2511, #2514, #2529, #2536 and #2741).

Following from our initial measurements of ~20mJy at 30GHz in late April 2010 (see ATEL #2511), the source brightened to a peak of ~50mJy in mid June before fading to sub-20mJy levels by the end of June. V407 Cyg is now at the level of ~5mJy, and we have stopped monitoring it.

The details of our measurements, including the individual measurement values, measurement averages and a plot of the light curve, can be found on our website.

Details of observations, measurement values and lightcurve