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ATel #2889; C. M. Espinoza (JBCA, Manchester, UK), C. Jordan (JBCA, Manchester, UK), B. W. Stappers (JBCA, Manchester, UK), A. G. Lyne (JBCA, Manchester, UK), P. Weltevrede (JBCA, Manchester, UK), I. Cognard (LPC2E CNRS Orleans and Nancay observatory, France), G. Theureau (LPC2E CNRS Orleans and Nancay observatory, France)
on 30 Sep 2010; 12:21 UT
Credential Certification: Patrick Weltevrede (patrick.weltevrede@manchester.ac.uk)

Subjects: Radio, Neutron Star, Supernova Remnant, Pulsar

We report radio timing observations of the Crab pulsar during the recent enhancement in gamma-ray emission from the Crab Nebula region, reported by AGILE on Sept. 22 (ATel #2855) and confirmed and more recently followed up by Fermi (ATel #2861). Daily monitoring at 608 MHz with the 13-m telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory combined with higher-frequency (between 1.4 and 2.0 GHz) monitoring with the Nancay and Lovell radio telescopes shows no evidence for a glitch within the last 60 days. There is a small gradual increase of the rotation spin-down rate near the time of the gamma-ray flare, but this is consistent with the timing noise which is seen at other times when no gamma-ray flare has been reported. We also find no evidence for significant changes in the dispersion measure at this time. A preliminary study of the pulse profiles shows no variation in pulsed flux nor pulse shape.