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HST observations planned for SN 2010al

ATel #2513; Robert Kirshner (CfA), Stéphane Blondin (CPPM), Roger Chevalier (UVa), Ryan Chornock (CfA), Ryan Foley (CfA), Bruno Leibundgut (ESO), Claes Fransson (Stockholm), Alicia Soderberg(CfA), Jesper Sollerman (Stockholm), Nathan Smith (Berkeley),
on 25 Mar 2010; 20:52 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Request For Observations
Credential Certification: Ryan Chornock (chornock@astro.berkeley.edu)

Subjects: Infra-Red, Optical, Ultra-Violet, Request for Observations, Supernovae

Supernova 2010al (ATEL 2491, CBET 2207) in UGC 4286 is apparently a SN IIn resembling SN 1998S discovered well before maximum light. We have triggered an HST target-of-opportunity observation that will obtain ultraviolet spectra of SN 2010. The observations are presently scheduled for March 28 and again in the window April 4-April 9. These observations will be enhanced by optical and infrared observations obtained in the same time span. We encourage observation of SN 2010al and would be grateful for information on the results.